Save reptiles lives for 2 $
Save reptiles lives for 2 $

Save reptiles lives for 2 $

You can by one blue-tongued skink’s photo and improve quality of their life

More than 15 babies who was born this year, 9 of which are skinks, they are need new, spacious containers and housing equipment. If in normal times it wouldn’t be a problem for us to deal with such issues, then unfortunately, everything has changed since the beginning of the war.

That’s why we decided to open a small charity event 😉

You can buy any photo from the list below for 2$ or more (at your request) in the original size (5152 x 3864) and without a watermark, you will be owner of this photo 🙂

You can use it as your desktop screensaver, sell it for bigger payment on photo selling sites or use it for your articles or blogs!

For some people $2 is still «penny in the wallet». But for us, this money is very important. These payments will give opportunity to buy UVB lamps, heating lamps, containers and food that our cattery needs..

To receive a photo, you can write to these contacts:
Telegram or Instagram
+380 93 30 84 196

Options for my overseas subscribers:
Payment is accepted on a bank card or


Select skink photo, preview ( 5152 х 3864 large photos )
Choose small (800×1000 on average) processed photos that are ideal for the screensaver 🙂 Thank you Reptessa

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